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Defits & Hoardings

Hoardings – Peters Building has been a Hoardings contractor for wall heights varying from 2400mm
to 3500mm, shows the noted panels are structurally sufficient under the nominated code,
live loads in accordance with the requirements for barriers outlined in Australian Standards;
Condition C3, Table 3.3 in AS/NZS 1170 – Structural design actions Part 1.November 2013

Peters Building Company is also the supplier for hoardings to unused retail spaces.
The general scope of works is to cap-off sprinkler services, cap off plumbing services, remove electrical devices from retail space, remove all floor and wall coverings, remove any remaining fixtures and fittings, grind floors to return to an even surface, remove internal structures to leave the space as a shell for the next tenant to move in.
The majority of this work is required to be completed after hours to ensure minimal disruption to public and other tenants.